The booking is not guaranteed until a deposit has been received and a booking confirmation letter issued to the registered Guest. Specific unit number requests cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability.


Standard 30 Days: If a reservation is cancelled within 30 days of arrival date 100% of the total accommodation value will be forfeited. The balance of the total accommodation is payable 30 days in advance of arrival date.

School Holiday & Long Stay Reservations: A further deposit equal to 50% of the total accommodation is payable 60 days in advance of arrival for reservations of 7 or more nights duration.

** Travel insurance is recommended to protect yourself in the event of last-minute unexpected cancellation. Refer to our website for further information regarding our Refundable Booking option.

In the event we are able to provide an accommodation transfer &/or deposit refund in part or full given we have received 30+ days’ notice an administration fee of $60 (including GST) applies.

Please read these conditions carefully. The registered Guest (“The Guest”) acknowledges and agrees that these conditions apply and extend to any person (also referred to as “Guest”) occupying or visiting the apartment or complex and/or using the facilities in the complex at the invitation of or with the authority of the Guest.


  1. Charges must be paid by Visa or MasterCard credit card, cash or direct bank transfer before occupancy commences.
  2. Occupancy starts and finishes on the dates shown on the receipt.
  3. The Guest will be liable for payment of any charges incurred by any Guest together with all replacements and necessary costs for any damage or loss to the apartment and its contents or the Body Corporate property caused by any Guest.
  4. The apartment must not be used for any unlawful purpose.
  5. Guests must only park cars in the designated areas.
  6. Only the number of people shown on the receipt may stay in the apartment overnight.
  7. No animals or pets are to be brought onto the complex without Body Corporate approval.
  8. Neither the Body Corporate, the Manager nor the apartment owner is liable for any damage or loss of property which a Guest may sustain while on the complex including vehicles.
  9. The Body Corporate by-laws, rules and regulations of the complex and any reasonable direction of the Manager must be complied with. The apartment must be vacated if after receiving a verbal or written warning for breach of these terms and conditions.
  10. There is no refund for early departure.
  11. The Manager may inspect the apartment at any time with reasonable notice and at any time without notice if the Manager is of the opinion that there has been a breach of these conditions.
  12. The Manager and the apartment owner are not responsible for any mis-description of the apartment.
  13. The Guest authorizes the manager to charge any credit card for any loss, damage or monetary contribution for which any Guest is liable under this document or otherwise.
  14. If the occupancy ends or is terminated, the Guest must immediately vacate the apartment. The Manager is authorised to do whatever is required to enforce the eviction of any Guest and removal of Guests’ property.


[Last updated 7 March 2022]We are a member of Good To Book, a risk management database for Short Term Accommodation Providers (STAPs) (‘GtoB database’). We will use the GtoB database to search your name and the names of guests booking or staying with you at our accommodation.

If we find an entry on the GtoB database, this indicates that there was some problem caused by you, or one of your guests, at a previous accommodation you have stayed at. Based on information on the GtoB database, we may refuse to accept your accommodation request or booking (and will refund any money you have paid) or we may impose additional restrictions on your stay (for example, an additional security bond).

We cannot check the accuracy of the GtoB database nor can we disclose to you any information on the GtoB database or the STAP who uploaded the information, as this information is confidential. The information on the database is used for evaluative purposes so accommodation providers can decide whether to enter into a contract for accommodation with you or not. Any concerns you have with the GtoB database will need to be discussed with GtoB directly. You can contact GtoB via email at

We accept no liability for our use of the GtoB database, including any reliance we make on the information contained on the GtoB database, even if the information uploaded is incorrect.

We may also upload information to the GtoB database if you cause damage or harm to us, our staff, guests or our property during your stay. Providing we are not negligent, we will not be liable to you or any other person for any consequence arising from the upload of information to the GtoB database by us.